Shirtmeister is the latest addition to the Meister Group and is part of a range of e-fashion concepts.

Shirtmeister is cheeky, cocky and self-opinionated and wants to bring fashion to the client in a unique way by thinking doing things differently.
We do this by going our own way and not following the expected route of the mass audience. We do not believe in mega-sized webshops, which will sell anything from hat to shoe, but we believe in niche webshops, offering a tailor made offer to the individual client. Through this focused approach, we can serve a customer better in all aspects in comparison to other tenders.
Through the usage of the latest technologies, innovations and best practices, we are aiming for a unique and unmatchable customer experience and expectation.

Our team exists of a unique mix of smart, creative, driven, talented and experienced professionals through different sectors, such as fashion, creative arts, technology and logistics.
Shirtmeister is looking for individuals who have the confidence to learn on-the-job and who are able to come up with new creative ideas within their area of expertise.

ShirtMeister has a strict selection policy. To be the best, you need the best team and that is only possible with the best people.

At this moment, our team is complete and there are no vacant positions.
However for the right people there is always a place. So if you feel inspired by the latest trends or the newest technology, we would love to hear from you!
Send in your personal story and motivation to
We are not interested in the usual standard text nor are we interested in political correctness. Show us who you are, not who you think we want to see.

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